Thursday, August 18, 2005 Tagging Zoo

Well, I decided to try this whole tag thing out for managing bookmarks/favorites. I got my account going at and managed to get my favorites exported from Sitebar and imported into using a cool little .Net application called Bunny Hug Updater. I think one of the main reasons I chose to do it was to share some of the links that I've accumulated over the years and it's something different to try out. I think I'll still keep my links in sitebar for a time to see how it goes. But I think it's kind of cool to be able to share the same link between multiple key words/tags.

On to other news...this last weekend Kim, Jayden, Kim's Mom and Niece and I traveled to the Omaha Zoo. We had a good time and Jayden also enjoyed it a lot too. He loved to watch the fish and sharks go overhead at the aquarium, but, he had to be close to Grandma's side.

Jayden's been showing some more signs of his increased knowledge of what's going on around him. He's started to give waves to people. If he's done eating or doesn't like something he's started to conveniently drop his food on the floor. :/ He's also starting to like water more as Kim's been up with him this week in Ames at Camp. Today he didn't mind at all being in the pool. This next week he'll be helping Kim get ready for his big one year birthday party on Saturday so that'll keep things hop'n next week.

Check out his pictures in his 11 month gallery.