Thursday, February 26, 2004

Busy Week

Man what a busy week it's been. I just got done painting the baby room. Last night I primered it so tonight I put the real paint on. What a job. I certainly appreciate my job at Pioneer. Painting sucks. But, I guess the finished product is worth it. I painted it this week as Kim is in Florida soaking up some rays and dipping her foot in the gulf for work. So, now my bachelor weekend can begin (yeah, I know tomorrow is Friday, but it's close enough to the weekend to count).

I got my DSL modem from Qwest today. So, now I'm all ready to save some money and lose Mediacom like a bad habit. I warned them this would happen if they continued to charge me the $10 on top of the already $40. I guess monopolistic companies just don't listen.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Johnston, IA Sucks

Okay, I've decided that I should mention that Johnston, IA isn't the place for me to live.

Here is a list of why it's not the place for me:

  1. There is a stop light on every block and the light never changes when you're the only one there.

  2. The roads suck in winter. Johnston City crews come out when it's too late and the roads are already packed with snow/ice.

  3. There is a cop on every corner sitting where everyone can see them with a radar gun clocking every car, bicycle and pedestrian going by.

  4. The speed limit is incredibly slow. You can have a corn field on both sides of you and it will still be 25 mph.

  5. From Kim's experience with the schools, parents are rich snobs who could care less about anyone else except themselves. Oh and their kids are perfect too.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Spring is on the way

So it feels more like spring everyday. Right now it's 47 out...too bad I haven't been outside since I got to work today.

I've been doing a little testing with mySQL and phpmyAdmin on my local workstation at work and the two apps totally rule. I wish we used more cool stuff like these here at work (Pioneer). I mean, don't get me wrong we get to use some cool stuff, but it's so simple with phpMyAdmin.

Man it totally blows to see family members hurting from injured backs. My Mother has been suffering for years with back pain and now my Dad has been having problems with his. He went to the doctor this past week for x-rays and an MRI and it appears that one of his disks in his lower back is disintegrating causing a pinched nerve. Kim's Dad also is suffering from back pain after numerous surgeries. So, moral of the thankful for good health.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

You Smell

Valentine's Day started out great. Beavis and Butthead were playing on the DVR and all was well. Friday night we were thinking of going with Broox, Kari, Nick and Nicole to HuHot (if not one of the best eating establishments in West Des Moines), but they were going to be eating later and Kim can't wait that long to eat. :( Maybe next time.

Kim and I had planned earlier in the week to go to Olive Garden for our Valentine's Day dinner and not fight the crowd at night. So, we had dinner there. Kim ordered the soup and salad and I had the sumptuous Chicken Marsala. We were put in a room with another couple and a group of loud women and their daughters who were celebrating a meal before one of them got married. They left part way through so we got the place to our selves for a while for some well deserved peace and quiet. Well, because Kim's pregnant things can change in a moments notice. She got full and started to feel bad, but we decided to go to Valley West mall anyway. Holy Cow! There were more people there than there were around Christmas. It's odd to compare Valley West to Merle Hay mall. I truly think that Merle Hay has a better crowd to shop with...the people don't seem as rude as those that were at Valley West on Saturday. Anyway, I digress. Well, we managed to survive the mall and went home. When we got home Kim pretty much felt like crap so she and I laid in bed and watched TV.

So, something I've learned this weekend is that Kim thinks I smell. They say that a woman's senses can change during a pregnancy. Well, I think Kim's sense of smell has changed. Anytime I get close to her...she says, "Ohhh. You smell (stink)." lol. At least I know that I can smell.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The Miracle of Life

Today Kim and I went in for our second doctor visit for our little one on the way. It was pretty cool because we got to hear the heart beating today. We could hear Kim's heart in the background while the baby's was louder and faster. It's pretty cool to be able to hear it...much less see it as in the last visit. :) It's hard to believe that someone would kill a living being.

So it looks like spring is on the way. I can live with 20-30 degree weather. With the warm also comes the melting. It's kind of fun to drive along and see houses that have huge ice hanging from them...clearly indicating that they need more insulation. Heck, if I had an insulating business, I'd be driving up and down the streets getting business. But, I don't so, I'll just stick to my computer stuff.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

A new Look

Well, I decided to give my site a face lift. So, tell me what you think.

On another topic, Kim (my wife) and I went to Baby's Are Us to look at baby stuff. We bought a baby stroller so that's one less thing that we have to they cost some money. :)

Friday, February 06, 2004

Stupid Time

Well, it's kind of up..some formatting to do yet with the time and date. I also have to figure out the spacing a bit.

Thursday, February 05, 2004


So I finally got the database figured out!!! Broox was totally right on how much mySQL and php rocks Micro$oft's a$$!