Sunday, October 24, 2004

Our Little Boy is Growing Up

Man time flies. It's hard to believe how much Jayden's grown in just 8 weeks of his life. We weighed him the other day and he's now at 12 pounds. The week before last he found his right hand. He holds it up and just stares at it not really knowing what to do with it. He's also starting to kick more when playing with his toys. His favorite thing now is to have us walk around with him facing forward so he can see what's going on around him. He's also started making more noises and even laughs from time to time. Kim laid him on the ottoman last week and put Arthur on the TV and Jayden just loved it until he got startled for some reason. Kim watched him jump and then the tears started flowing. Yesterday we put him on the counter and had a football game going. He now enjoys watching football so his training is going very well. :) More pictures of him can be seen under his gallery on week7.


nick said...

you bought a minivan

vanwinkle said...

Whoa, what? You bought a minivan?!

r00 said...

WHOA! Is that an ISU parachute Jayden is wearing?....and wtf