Monday, January 03, 2005

Jayden our Race Car Driver

Ah, yes. Jayden's doing more everyday. During our stay up North while at my Grandparents, Jayden flipped from his stomach to his back 4 times. Last week he had his 4 month shots and survived rather well. He only cried a little bit after he got his shots. We've started to "train" him how to sleep. I know it sounds weird, you'd think a baby would already know how to get to sleep on his own. He's now for the most part doing rather well as he only cries for about 10 minutes and then falls asleep on his own.

We got him a Johnny Jumper for him to get started using his legs. He's liking it more now and likes to jump up and down. Santa got him a Little Tykes Car for Christmas and we've already got him practicing for race day. More Christmas pictures will be added later, but for now you can see what Jayden got that Pioneer Hi-Bred will be proud of.

We now have a bird feeder and "Squirrel Sitter" in our back yard and the squirrels so far have managed to rule both. We haven't seen a single bird eat out of the bird feeder and the squirrels manage to go through an ear of corn a day (at least). So far we've seen 4 of them at a time. I did have the bird feeder hanging from a bracket on a tree, but went out and bought a pole thinking that there's no way a squirrel would climb a 1/2 inch thick pipe. Well, I was wrong, so now I'm going to have to go and get one of those contraptions that keeps them from doing their acrobatic movements up the pole.

I've decided to use a different photo gallery to display pictures. This one provides an easier upload interface and more customizations. Hopefully you won't find too many bugs from previous image links.


derek said...

just wait til he's old enough to want a real motorcycle like his dad.;)

R00 said...

Remember to teach Jayden to brake then accelerate at the apex.