Monday, February 28, 2005

6 Months

As you can tell from my not entering much in my blog that I've been pretty busy. Jayden's growing like a weed and manages to come up with new stuff every day to entertain his parents. For instance, on our way back from a baby shower yesterday he was doing his normal ssssssssccccccreeeeeeeeeeacccccchhhh and making all sorts of noise. All of a sudden it was quiet and we thought what's going on...we looked back and he was sound a sleep. Jayden had his 6 month checkup today and passed with flying colors. He grew another inch and a quarter and weighs about a pound and a half more. He got two shots today :( but managed to not be affected by them too much. He now sits up on his own, but refuses to stand when you hold him up. He's getting better at it, but it isn't something he likes to do.

I've added some more pictures to his 6 month album along with some pictures of our nephews' wrestling. We went up to watch them wrestle for District a couple of weekends ago.


Elmo said...

Ah, you can tell a it's a first time parent when they think that having their kid fall asleep is noteworthy! ;-)

D-Loc said...

Growin like a weed? Ha, remember that time we drove all over town tryin to score sum bud, and we visited some friend of a friend of a cousin of yours, and man was that place shady. But well worth it... ha, Out.

The wife said...

Remember...Elmo....Kevin is a very very very proud parent!! :) Everything is noteworthy to him!