Sunday, May 01, 2005

Wet Slobbery Kisses

Well, this weekend turned out pretty well. Kim and I went with some of her family to eat at Leaning Tower of Pizza on Friday night and then on Saturday went to a a bunch of garage sales. Urbandale had a lot of block garage sales so we got to cover a lot of them just by walking. We found some stuff, but not as much as we thought we would.

After our garage sale tour we decided to try out the new 50s style restaurant in Johnston named 5 and Dine. It was decent food, but over priced. We had fun with Jayden though. You can view all the pictures in his 8 month gallery. As you can see from the pictures he has graduated to the sippy cup, but still doesn't like to hold it by himself. He now has 3 teeth and is probably going to have his 4th come in next week. Still doesn't remotely like the opportunity to lay on his stomach, but is getting better at it. He's trying to move his legs to crawl, but can't quite figure it out. He does like to stand if you help him balanced so at least he's getting a few motor skills. He has also started giving wet slobbery kisses too. :)


derek said...

maybe he'll be walking before he learns to crawl? haha.
thanks for the links to dma. you should review 5 and diner. ;)

Kevin said...

Yeah, he will more than likely be walking and talking before he ever decides to crawl.

5 and Diner review is complete.