Thursday, November 10, 2005

Firefox Rules

It's been a while since I changed the theme for my blog, so last night messed around with a new design. It's not mine, but I like it so I'm using it (it's released under GPL) and it's easy to get implemented without a lot of time. You'll notice two different views depending on if you are using the better browser, Firefox, or the crappy non-standards compliant browser, Internet Explorer. Firefox does a great job with transparency while IE lacks any easy work around (1 2 or 3). So, you'll have to put up with the not so fun view with IE till version 7 comes out...but don't hold your breath for that one working either.

In other news, Jayden's been getting more teeth. He's been working on getting his molars in the back already. This weekend when he was eating it looked like he was trying to swallow his food with-out even "chewing" it. Kim figured out Tuesday that he's getting his back teeth and rather than feel more pain he was swallowing the food almost whole. He's also now walking with us holding one of his won't be long and he'll be tearing around the house on his feet instead of his butt.


TIM said...

I like the new look. Chalk another one up for Minnis!!!!!!

Derek said...

Dude...I like the new look. it's borderline Apple-esque. which you know I like.