Friday, December 16, 2005

Round Two

Well, it's time. Time to let you all know that Jayden's going to be a big brother. Isn't that something! :) Kim, Jayden, and I went for her first Doctor's visit today and everything is going smooth. The new lime (that's the size of it right now) had a heart rate of 160 which is great! Kim's been doing pretty well this week as prior weeks she's been feeling nauseated. But, she still is pretty tired...she could go to bed at 9 and some nights before that. She likes snack time too. Our due date is June 28, 2006, so mark your calendars.

Jayden's been practicing being a big brother these past two months. Kim's watching her cousin's baby, Kellen, two days a week. At first Jayden couldn't figure out what the deal was, but he's getting better at it now. In fact, now he knows how to get Kim's attention. As soon as she starts to feed Kellen, Jayden makes a mad dash for the stairs. Now, that would be fine and all, but he still hasn't mastered the last step yet, so Kim has to go stop him before he goes up. Jayden's getting almost there with walking. If we start walking with him holding his hand and then let go as he's walking towards the couch, he'll sprint for the couch or love seat. Maybe by Christmas? He likes to keep us guessing.


r00 said...

Congratulations to the Minnis Family Circus.

Joan said...

Are you saying there is only ONE Baby??? We are so happy for you!!!