Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sleep is gooood.

Well, yeah. What can I say, welcome back. It's been a while. Seems like not much has happened since my last writing. The new year has worn off and all that jazz. But, in reality there has been quite a bit that's taken place. No, Jayden's still not walking on his own, but he's a lot closer. He's walking around the ottoman with a 3-4 inch safety zone just in case he needs to grab hold of it. He does have an occasional sprint from one of us to the couch. He stands on top of the love seat with us by himself and thinks he's big stuff. He likes to get into things...pots and pans and shoes.

Monday he had fever and woke up at least ever hour on the hour that night and then Tuesday night he was up even more. Needless-to-say, Kim and I appreciate a good night's sleep and are happy that he's better. We think part of it is because of some new teeth coming in.

Jayden's saying a few words now. He has always liked saying, "Done" when he or someone else finishes something. He's saying car some and after watching Saturday morning cartoons, does an occasional, "Arrggh," in a pirate context. He shakes his head when he means yes and sometimes when he means no. We hope he keeps that up. :)

Baby #2 is coming along nicely. Kim filled me in yesterday that she's now able to feel it move, so tonight I got to feel it kicking. Next Tuesday we get to go in for the first ultrasound. Wonder what it's going to be...a boy or a girl? Hmmm. Oh the suspense.

Well, time to grab that sleep.

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