Monday, May 15, 2006

Lucky in the Wal-mart Parking Lot

Haha, catchy title huh? Last week after shopping at our Ankeny Wal-mart we were driving up the parking lot to leave and I saw some green stuff on the road so I pulled up by it and had Kim get it. Sure enough it was a dollar. Wow, we thought this is cool Kim will be able to get a dewski. Well, we continued up the lane and we couldn't believe it. We found another 4 dollars. haha. It was probably a funny thing to see us running around the parking lot picking up money. But, hey, I'm sure you'd do the same if you had the opportunity. Saturday night we went to Wal-mart again to get some food for when Kim's brother came to town. While there Kim was pushing the shopping cart and on a "blind" intersection (most intersections are blind corners in Wal-mart) this man in his 60s comes powering down the aisle. Kim stopped to see if anyone was coming and he almost ran into her. He proceeded to stare Kim down and if he could shoot flames from his eyes she would have been toast. We were all saying something to the extent of "What's your problem" to the guy. Needless to say we made it out alive. I really do hate shopping at Wal-mart. I always feel pissed off whenever I go there. I told Kim they should take your heart rate before and after visiting. I'm sure mine would indicate a heart attach coming on. Stupid cheap.

With this small fortune that we found at Wal-mart, we went to some garage sales with Kim's parents this weekend. I managed to find a computer for a dollar. It's not much of a computer but I thought I'd play around with it. Jayden was all excited he got to ride in Grandma's Avalanche. We'd ask him if he wanted to ride in the car, but he'd shake his head and say in his little voice, "No."

Baby number two is making Kim's life miserable. It seems that it's already started to drop some as Kim was feeling less then great over the weekend. Hopefully it stays in the oven at least another 2-4 weeks so it's not born too early.

Oh yeah, and I still have a job and haven't been "re-assigned". Hopefully it'll continue that way. We'll all find out more after another meeting this morning.

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