Monday, July 17, 2006

Black and White

Well, here I am again. The good thing with wordpress is that you get to change whatever you want to make your site look different. You'll also notice another change to the gallery link. It now pulls my flickr pictures and creates the albums from my site. It makes use of a pretty cool wordpress plug-in called falbum and the nifty flickr api. The reasons I'm using the plug-in are two fold. One, to see how search results change. I like flickr, but search results don't always show the true meaning of the picture in google. The next reason is because Pioneer's filtering software blocks all of flickr so I wanted a work around.

I've also been doing a kind of social experiment at work. We use a multitude of chat clients and such and decided to try and live without the main one used by our "little" group, namely, IRC. I decided to do it in part because sometimes the conversations get a little heated. Communication in a chat program is entirely different than that of person-to-person. You don't really get the true feeling of a conversation (missing body language and the vibe that you get from talking with someone in person). It's understandable why parents are worried about their kids being bullied from online sources. So, without the IRC client going, it's been rather quiet. It's hard to believe how much a person can get tied to modern technology (although IRC has been around for quite a while). Yeah, I could just go 5 steps and talk to the rest of my co-workers, but seems like social experiences are different these days. People don't talk one-on-one like they used to, or at least it seems that way. Without IRC, I can be working and not even talk to my co-workers all day. I may have to go back and join the IRC chat. I feel alienated from the rest of the gang.

Anyway, enjoy the new look and hopefully you won't find too many things broken.

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