Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The title of this entry reflects one of Jayden's books. We changed the name of the child the book was talking about to Jayden and go through the whole thing about why Jayyydddeeen, likes mud and mud likes him. It's been fun. He giggles all the time. Jayden has been getting smarter about lots of things. It's amazing how much he's been picking up. If you're not careful, he'll repeat stuff you don't want him to repeat. :) He now knows how to get out of his room and apparently yesterday morning when I opened the garage door, Jayden heard it and went down and watched me leave. Kim was sleeping yet, so when Kim came down, Jayden was playing with his cars. Yesterday he also found a screw in the computer desk drawers and went to another drawer where he knew a screw driver was and started playing with that. So, he knows about nuts and bolts and tools.

Josie's also been growing a lot too. She's starting to coo and is fascinated by her voice. She also has found her hands. She's been "eating" them like mad lately (No, she wasn't eating popcorn as seen in the picture :) ). We're not sure if it's just that she found them or if she's already getting teeth. She has a runny nose today so hopefully she isn't getting too sick. She loves to sit up and watch everything that's going on. It makes feeding her fun sometimes as she turns her head where ever Jayden is or to watch TV. Yes, I'm afraid she's already glued to the TV.

We went up to visit Tasha and Tony up in Nevada on Saturday to see their new little girl, Mataya. It's so cool to see them finally get another one adopted. They've been waiting for a long time. Notice how much bigger Josie is. She's already that much bigger. :)

Last night we carved Jayden's Pumpkin. Jayden thought it was fun this year and wasn't sad like he was last year. Wow, looking back on the pics, I can't believe how much Jayden has grown.

Kim also had fun trying to clean out the pumpkin as seen in the video below. hehe. :)


The wife said...

All of my friends that know about my gag reflex will appreciate this video! I shouldn't even attempted to help Kevin out. What was I thinking!

tyler said...

Dear Kim & Kevin,
you crack me up. That must be a Wagner thing.My dad
and I gag when we dump the camper.It really stinks. why
dont you try to do it.We will bring the camper to your
house in November 12 2006.Tell me about Jayden & Josie too

from Tyler Wagner

The wife said...

thanks tyler...we are glad we can entertain you. i'm sure it's a family inheritance! Have fun in school and stay out of the principals office.....Kim

kolby said...

Boy Kim, thats pretty bad. I can even clean a pumpkin with out gaging. I think Jayden does a pretty good impersonation of you. Wait till next year, you will have two of them making fun of you.

Angie Walters said...

The thought of the smell of pumpkins, especially when the candle starts to burn the lid. That's definitely a gagging moment.