Thursday, February 19, 2004

Spring is on the way

So it feels more like spring everyday. Right now it's 47 out...too bad I haven't been outside since I got to work today.

I've been doing a little testing with mySQL and phpmyAdmin on my local workstation at work and the two apps totally rule. I wish we used more cool stuff like these here at work (Pioneer). I mean, don't get me wrong we get to use some cool stuff, but it's so simple with phpMyAdmin.

Man it totally blows to see family members hurting from injured backs. My Mother has been suffering for years with back pain and now my Dad has been having problems with his. He went to the doctor this past week for x-rays and an MRI and it appears that one of his disks in his lower back is disintegrating causing a pinched nerve. Kim's Dad also is suffering from back pain after numerous surgeries. So, moral of the thankful for good health.


nick said...

i'll second the good health...and i'll second the rocketh of mySQL and phpMyAdmin...both good apps that are extremely easy to use

derek said...

i told ya...;)

nick said...

shut up broox

Semore said...

I tried to open up exel today and it didn't open. Then someone told me i have to double click.