Thursday, February 26, 2004

Busy Week

Man what a busy week it's been. I just got done painting the baby room. Last night I primered it so tonight I put the real paint on. What a job. I certainly appreciate my job at Pioneer. Painting sucks. But, I guess the finished product is worth it. I painted it this week as Kim is in Florida soaking up some rays and dipping her foot in the gulf for work. So, now my bachelor weekend can begin (yeah, I know tomorrow is Friday, but it's close enough to the weekend to count).

I got my DSL modem from Qwest today. So, now I'm all ready to save some money and lose Mediacom like a bad habit. I warned them this would happen if they continued to charge me the $10 on top of the already $40. I guess monopolistic companies just don't listen.


nick said...

monopoly rules

derek said...

speaking of monopoly, i love boardwalks. especially all the hot models that always walk down them and back. err. yeah... boardwalk.