Sunday, February 15, 2004

You Smell

Valentine's Day started out great. Beavis and Butthead were playing on the DVR and all was well. Friday night we were thinking of going with Broox, Kari, Nick and Nicole to HuHot (if not one of the best eating establishments in West Des Moines), but they were going to be eating later and Kim can't wait that long to eat. :( Maybe next time.

Kim and I had planned earlier in the week to go to Olive Garden for our Valentine's Day dinner and not fight the crowd at night. So, we had dinner there. Kim ordered the soup and salad and I had the sumptuous Chicken Marsala. We were put in a room with another couple and a group of loud women and their daughters who were celebrating a meal before one of them got married. They left part way through so we got the place to our selves for a while for some well deserved peace and quiet. Well, because Kim's pregnant things can change in a moments notice. She got full and started to feel bad, but we decided to go to Valley West mall anyway. Holy Cow! There were more people there than there were around Christmas. It's odd to compare Valley West to Merle Hay mall. I truly think that Merle Hay has a better crowd to shop with...the people don't seem as rude as those that were at Valley West on Saturday. Anyway, I digress. Well, we managed to survive the mall and went home. When we got home Kim pretty much felt like crap so she and I laid in bed and watched TV.

So, something I've learned this weekend is that Kim thinks I smell. They say that a woman's senses can change during a pregnancy. Well, I think Kim's sense of smell has changed. Anytime I get close to her...she says, "Ohhh. You smell (stink)." lol. At least I know that I can smell.


Harry Saks said...

Very informative article, Mr. Minnis. Almost as good as the Penthouse forums I seldom read during my touring days with the Greatful Dead. BTW, you do smell! I have told you that for years!!!!! lol!!

derek said...

shoulda went to huhot... lamer ;)

me said...

HuHot - The ultimate in dining experiences!

npl said...

umm, yeah...should have went to huhot smelly