Friday, September 02, 2005

Year One

Man, where has the time gone. Jayden celebrated his 1 year birthday last Monday. He did OK until everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to him. He got lots of gifts and he is really thankful for those of you who gave him something. Ah yes, and he's finally mastered holding his own sippy cup. Check out his Year 1 gallery.

Today he went in for his 1 year checkup. They gave him his two shots and stole some blood from him. Needless to say, it pissed him off royally. He's at 19.1 lbs and I think 30 inches.

As you may have seen I modified the gallery a bit. It's more simple to manage and now has friendly URLs. Hope you like it. Sometime I'll be adding a frame to the front page that shows the newly updated pictures. It'll probably take me a bit to fix previous articles with links to the old gallery so be patient.