Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The title of this entry reflects one of Jayden's books. We changed the name of the child the book was talking about to Jayden and go through the whole thing about why Jayyydddeeen, likes mud and mud likes him. It's been fun. He giggles all the time. Jayden has been getting smarter about lots of things. It's amazing how much he's been picking up. If you're not careful, he'll repeat stuff you don't want him to repeat. :) He now knows how to get out of his room and apparently yesterday morning when I opened the garage door, Jayden heard it and went down and watched me leave. Kim was sleeping yet, so when Kim came down, Jayden was playing with his cars. Yesterday he also found a screw in the computer desk drawers and went to another drawer where he knew a screw driver was and started playing with that. So, he knows about nuts and bolts and tools.

Josie's also been growing a lot too. She's starting to coo and is fascinated by her voice. She also has found her hands. She's been "eating" them like mad lately (No, she wasn't eating popcorn as seen in the picture :) ). We're not sure if it's just that she found them or if she's already getting teeth. She has a runny nose today so hopefully she isn't getting too sick. She loves to sit up and watch everything that's going on. It makes feeding her fun sometimes as she turns her head where ever Jayden is or to watch TV. Yes, I'm afraid she's already glued to the TV.

We went up to visit Tasha and Tony up in Nevada on Saturday to see their new little girl, Mataya. It's so cool to see them finally get another one adopted. They've been waiting for a long time. Notice how much bigger Josie is. She's already that much bigger. :)

Last night we carved Jayden's Pumpkin. Jayden thought it was fun this year and wasn't sad like he was last year. Wow, looking back on the pics, I can't believe how much Jayden has grown.

Kim also had fun trying to clean out the pumpkin as seen in the video below. hehe. :)

Friday, October 13, 2006

New Digs

So you probably...
didn't even realize that you are reading this blog from a different location than you usually do. I pulled up roots and moved from shieldhost to a new host, Site5. How do you like the new location? haha. You may notice the page load faster as I think the servers have more umph than shieldhost did.

I'm glad...
I made the move as it will give me an opportunity to get more for the money. Most notably, I'll again have SSH access (Shieldhost turned it off saying, "It isn't secure."). FTP is about as open as you can get and is the only alternative they gave for accessing your files online. For those of you who aren't computer savvy or know what I'm even talking about, it's about equivalent to sending a pay check in the mail without the envelope. Whereas, SSH everything is encrypted (Sending the check through Paypal). In addition to the whole SSH access, Shieldhost has been lagging on support (see Cedric's article). It takes them a while to get back to you if you have problems. I am fortunate that I didn't have the problems that Cedric did, but I did have some issues with Shieldhost (but, they are cheap...that's one point that I'll give them).

Some other features...
of Site5 include the ability to setup source control with either cvs or subversion. I've been working on some free lance web projects and having source control on the web server is something I've wanted for quite a while. I'm used to having source control at work and it would be a nice to have feature. Additionally, I am also pleased that they support RubyOnRails. I'm very new to it, but from what demos and documentation I've seen, I think it will speed up my web development and maybe organize things even further. I currently develop mostly PHP sites(outside of my real job which consists of Java, .Net, and a few other languages/environments). For PHP I'm using an open source framework called CodeIgniter which is based on the MVC approach, as is RubyOnRails.

Now for the good stuff...
Here's the kicker part of the whole Site5 deal. I can get a MultiSite account (Yes, more than just a domain pointer). You can have up to 6 domains on the first MultiSite plan and they all have an independent "control panel". You can add users to each site and they won't be able to see the other sites that you have on the main account. You can also maintain all sites from the main account. All this for $8.25 a month if paid annually, or $6.21 a month if paid in 2 year increments. This is all through their promotion and after the time you pay for (1 year or 2 years), the price goes up, but you can always switch to the shared account. More details can be found at their MultiSite Webhosting Specials page.

I know...
this sounds like an advertisement, but I've done my research in hosts and Site5 has to be the best one that I've found. They are truly setup to succeed and in turn help you succeed. They have a ton of support listed through-out their FAQ pages as well as their knowledge base and forums.