Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mustache Party

This weekend has been pretty quiet. It's been a while since we've just stayed around Ankeny and did very little. Friday I had off from work. It appears that Pioneer is becoming more of government than a business as we get the third Friday off in March now instead of Good Friday. Not sure what that's all about. Oh well, at least they still give us time off.

Anyway, on to the fun stuff. I think it was the week of February 6th, 2006 that I started to grow a goatee to get ready for Broox's mustache party that he had on March 17th. Lucky for me that my hair is leaving the top of my head so I could win the entry for longest/most hair for a mustache. Here's a picture of me starting out. I think it's with maybe a week's worth of growing. Here's a picture with my full goatee and finally, a picture with the mustache and "handle bars". haha. The party was a blast and I'm glad that I got to go. Saturday I had to shave it off. Not because Kim wanted me (she hated the facial hair), but because it was annoying to have. The initial itching was done, but I just hated it being around my mouth. It was weird shaving it off as I felt like I was naked. Even just shaving off the middle of the goatee made my chin feel cold, but now that it's all gone, I really feel the difference. I can actually feel the wind hitting my chin. haha. Oh yeah. And the Gillette Fusion that I won at the party works awesome!

Here's the full set of pictures for the mustache party. Thanks for the good time Broox!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Walking at 18 months!

Jayden on the move. We can now breath a sigh of relief. Jayden is now walking on his a certain degree. He won't get up from sitting without grabbing on to something, but once he's standing up, he can walk on his own if he decides to. He's done with physical therapy for now but will be getting some shoe inserts to see if we can correct his ankle from turning in. He had his 18 month doctor visit with the a different pediatrician on Wednesday. We're glad we switched doctors for him. The new doc is much better and takes the time to listen and actually hears what we're telling him. Jayden's now starting to say a few more words: Car, meaow, truck, yuck (pronounced ggaayh and also refers to the trash can), Dada, Mamma (when mad), done and maybe a few more that I can't remember.

Let's see what else...oh yeah. Work's been okay. I now have an appreciation of why corporations don't perform. I can't complain on my end, but it sucks that the only way management sees groups better interacting is to split up people between two groups to "make" everyone get along. Pretty stupid way of trying to increase productivity if you ask me. Oh well, I guess I have a job yet.

Baby number two is coming along nicely. Kim seems to be not as tired as she was first starting out. She usually makes it till 10 instead of the normal 9:00. haha.