Thursday, March 08, 2007

Blizzard 1 and 2

Blizzards 1 and 2...

Well, we survived the blizzards 1 and 2. We didn't even lose power over the whole deal (first blizzard), but some of our friends and family did. Our trees that were really low to the ground after the ice storm even came out of it without a trace of damage. My parents were without power for about 40 hours because of the ice buildup and breaking of the electrical poles. Luckily both my Grandparents and my Parents have generators.

The second blizzard was something to see too. We got out of work early on Thursday and then on Friday Pioneer was closed. I'm sure glad I didn't have to go anywhere as the roads were full of snow and visibility was very poor. We did manage to make it up to Ames Saturday evening for some Hickory Park with Dave and Laura Ekhart and Tasha and Tony Vorm and all the kids (6 of them). Traffic wasn't too bad, but you could definitely see the aftermath of the storm.

A look back...

In some ways I'm glad that we got as much snow as we did as it, to me, makes things seem like normal. Growing up I can remember huge drifts being as tall as the honey suckle trees in our grove on the farm. In fact the drifts would be so hard, the cattle could even walk on them. The gravel road next to our place would also have been packed with snow. I can remember sitting at the top of the snow and roll huge chunks of snow down the bank after the road grader opened the road. My brother and I would always watch in anticipation, as someone came down the road, to see if they'd run over the snow chunks. Doing chores was the worst part about getting huge storms as you'd have to trudge through a ton of snow carrying straw bales to bed the pigs and calves. You'd also have to scoop out all the troughs so you could feed the animals. It was hard work, but we survived and have the memories, good and bad. I think chores also took longer just because we'd play around more just to enjoy the vast landscape the wind and snow created. You can't have all the snow without making a fort.

In other news...

Jayden and Josie have been growing quite a bit. Jayden's I think has been trying to grow emotionally as he's truly showing his 2 year old attitudes. He's having at least one melt-down a day and is a "joy" to take shopping. He's still a relatively good boy, but has his moments. We had to upgrade his play shoes to size 7 1/2 now so he's growing despite his weird interests in food (he'd choose a salad over a hot dog any day).

Josie on the other hand, even though she hasn't had a single tooth come in yet, will eat anything you put in front of her. She's beginning to question baby food and would rather have "real food" (small cut-up pieces of green beans, carrots or fruit). She's really getting a personality now and always has a big smile on her face, well, at least when she's not mad or crying. She hasn't crawled yet, but is really close. She does tend to migrate in reverse instead of going forward when trying to crawl.

Last weekend we walked for Amber in the JDRF in the Des Moines Sky walk system. I should say, Josie slept and Kim, Jayden and I walked. Jayden had fun in the inflatable games and I'm glad JDRF chose to get the games instead of forking over big bucks for a breakfast.

My Grandpa Minnis had knee surgery this last Tuesday. Everything went really well. But, I guess today/last night he'd been whacked out on meds or something as he pulled all his IVs out last night and then had my Grandma stop the machine that bends his knee every so often. Hopefully he straightens up so he doesn't get into more trouble. :)