Friday, December 22, 2006

Getting the Hang of Christmas

Sorry to all of my viewers for not updating for more than a month. It's been a busy time of year, between getting Christmas presents purchased and a project at work, I haven't had a lot of time to get this updated.

Last weekend we had Christmas on the Wagner side. We all had a good time and watched the normal movie, "Christmas Vacation". We all got some good presents and more presents.
Yesterday Kim and the kids hung out with Emily and Mady. The kids exchanged gifts and apparently Jayden wanted to keep opening gifts...even though there weren't anymore. So, I think Jayden is getting the hang of Christmas or at least the gift part. haha.

Josie has been growing a bit...not as fast as Jayden did at her age, but still growing. She had her 6 month checkup yesterday and was a whole 12 pounds. She's starting to sit up on her own now. She'll sit for about a minute then fall over.

Don't forget to good and if you need help tracking Santa be sure to visit the Santa Tracking Site.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Mini Projects

Finally, we're done painting the front of the house. I, with the help of Tony and Martin, got both windows replaced. What a relief to have the job done. The windows work really well in sealing the cold out and keeping the sun from baking the bedrooms. I still have to do the trim work on the inside, but at least I don't have to worry about getting another warm day to get the job done. The staging is all put a way so I don't have to look at it any more. Sad to think that the staging was up in some form in front of our house since July.

A little paint never hurt anyone.Jayden has been busy being a big brother. He does pretty good with Josie, but at his age, just doesn't grasp being gentle. :) He's also showing his being 2 a bit more. He knows what he wants and can have the occasional meltdown if he doesn't get his way. He LOVES the new Car's movie that just came out on DVD. He sat through the whole thing watching it when we got it and now wants to watch it all the time. I think Thomas the Tank Engine is getting jealous as he's starting to fade in the background. But, he still loves trains so Thomas shouldn't feel too bad.

Josie loves the bouncy seatJosie's been having fun in her bouncy seat. She just loves it. She's also started to roll over on her own from her stomach to her back. It's amazing to see how much different she is from Jayden. She's way ahead of Jayden. She likes to try different foods and usually drinks her whole 6 oz. of milk within 15 minutes. She also has found her voice and likes to "talk". I hope it's not a sign of the future when she gets a cell phone. :)

Kim has been keeping herself busy (most of the time...but she gets bored staying at home) being Mom. She does a great job keeping everything ship-shape in spite of Jayden's use of the living room as the play area. At least Jayden likes to organize his cars. He usually has them all lined up all straight and tidy. Kim's also getting everything ready (shopping) for Christmas which helps keep her mind occupied. She continues to read lots of books. I think she reads one a week. Too bad I didn't have more time to read. Oh well, maybe when I retire.

Cutting it closeAbout three weeks ago I was driving our Focus in a parking lot and heard a weird noise coming from the front. Hmm. Brakes? Sure enough, the brakes were getting bad. I only heard the noise about 2 times and didn't think they were that bad, but as you can see from the picture, they were almost metal against metal. So, Zach found me a good place to order them online and because he'd just replaced his brakes in his Focus, helped change my brakes this week. What a difference that can make. They are a lot better and shouldn't make my wheels dirty as I ordered the ceramic pads. w00t!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The title of this entry reflects one of Jayden's books. We changed the name of the child the book was talking about to Jayden and go through the whole thing about why Jayyydddeeen, likes mud and mud likes him. It's been fun. He giggles all the time. Jayden has been getting smarter about lots of things. It's amazing how much he's been picking up. If you're not careful, he'll repeat stuff you don't want him to repeat. :) He now knows how to get out of his room and apparently yesterday morning when I opened the garage door, Jayden heard it and went down and watched me leave. Kim was sleeping yet, so when Kim came down, Jayden was playing with his cars. Yesterday he also found a screw in the computer desk drawers and went to another drawer where he knew a screw driver was and started playing with that. So, he knows about nuts and bolts and tools.

Josie's also been growing a lot too. She's starting to coo and is fascinated by her voice. She also has found her hands. She's been "eating" them like mad lately (No, she wasn't eating popcorn as seen in the picture :) ). We're not sure if it's just that she found them or if she's already getting teeth. She has a runny nose today so hopefully she isn't getting too sick. She loves to sit up and watch everything that's going on. It makes feeding her fun sometimes as she turns her head where ever Jayden is or to watch TV. Yes, I'm afraid she's already glued to the TV.

We went up to visit Tasha and Tony up in Nevada on Saturday to see their new little girl, Mataya. It's so cool to see them finally get another one adopted. They've been waiting for a long time. Notice how much bigger Josie is. She's already that much bigger. :)

Last night we carved Jayden's Pumpkin. Jayden thought it was fun this year and wasn't sad like he was last year. Wow, looking back on the pics, I can't believe how much Jayden has grown.

Kim also had fun trying to clean out the pumpkin as seen in the video below. hehe. :)

Friday, October 13, 2006

New Digs

So you probably...
didn't even realize that you are reading this blog from a different location than you usually do. I pulled up roots and moved from shieldhost to a new host, Site5. How do you like the new location? haha. You may notice the page load faster as I think the servers have more umph than shieldhost did.

I'm glad...
I made the move as it will give me an opportunity to get more for the money. Most notably, I'll again have SSH access (Shieldhost turned it off saying, "It isn't secure."). FTP is about as open as you can get and is the only alternative they gave for accessing your files online. For those of you who aren't computer savvy or know what I'm even talking about, it's about equivalent to sending a pay check in the mail without the envelope. Whereas, SSH everything is encrypted (Sending the check through Paypal). In addition to the whole SSH access, Shieldhost has been lagging on support (see Cedric's article). It takes them a while to get back to you if you have problems. I am fortunate that I didn't have the problems that Cedric did, but I did have some issues with Shieldhost (but, they are cheap...that's one point that I'll give them).

Some other features...
of Site5 include the ability to setup source control with either cvs or subversion. I've been working on some free lance web projects and having source control on the web server is something I've wanted for quite a while. I'm used to having source control at work and it would be a nice to have feature. Additionally, I am also pleased that they support RubyOnRails. I'm very new to it, but from what demos and documentation I've seen, I think it will speed up my web development and maybe organize things even further. I currently develop mostly PHP sites(outside of my real job which consists of Java, .Net, and a few other languages/environments). For PHP I'm using an open source framework called CodeIgniter which is based on the MVC approach, as is RubyOnRails.

Now for the good stuff...
Here's the kicker part of the whole Site5 deal. I can get a MultiSite account (Yes, more than just a domain pointer). You can have up to 6 domains on the first MultiSite plan and they all have an independent "control panel". You can add users to each site and they won't be able to see the other sites that you have on the main account. You can also maintain all sites from the main account. All this for $8.25 a month if paid annually, or $6.21 a month if paid in 2 year increments. This is all through their promotion and after the time you pay for (1 year or 2 years), the price goes up, but you can always switch to the shared account. More details can be found at their MultiSite Webhosting Specials page.

I know...
this sounds like an advertisement, but I've done my research in hosts and Site5 has to be the best one that I've found. They are truly setup to succeed and in turn help you succeed. They have a ton of support listed through-out their FAQ pages as well as their knowledge base and forums.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What Can Go Wrong, Might Go Wrong

Our New FridgeWell, when it rains it pours. It all started Friday evening. We were getting something out of the freezer in the fridge and noticed that not everything was frozen like it should have been. So, Saturday I made the phone call to a service place to see if they could come out and look at it...nope, wouldn't be able to look at it till Monday. Okay, so Monday came along and the repair guy replaced the fan in the back and said it should be good to go in a couple of hours. Two hours later the temperature still remained a cozy 65 degrees. Well, Kim and her parents and I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at what new refrigerators cost and find one we liked. So we went looking. I called the repair guy this morning to see if they would take the electric motor back that he put on cause I didn't want to put anymore money into it...nope, anything electrical they don't take returns. (Anyone want to buy and electric motor? Here I come E-Bay). I also had the repair guy come back out to see if he had any other ideas. He said that the compressor was out too and that it would be about $500 to replace. So, Kim and I finally found a few refrigerators today at Lowe's (they have a large select) and after about an hour and a half (the kids were very good during our search) found one we liked that they had in stock. Yay, we get a new fridge tomorrow. Case in are better off replacing a refrigerator over repairing it. Sad to see how much of a throw away society we've become. I'd rather fix what I have, but it is definitely not economic to do so.

Oh, but it's not over
Saturday Kim's Mom came to town so we could go pickup the windows we ordered two weeks ago at Lowe's. We decided to also get a storm door while we were at it. "I need a 36x81 storm door like this one." I told the helpful Lowe's window guy. Took the thing home and was going to install it with the help of Tony...Opened the box and wouldn't you know I got the only 32x81 door that they had. For some reason the Lowe's guy gave me the wrong one. So, we took all the child seats out of the Vibe loaded the door up (Yeah, it can actually haul an 8' article) and exchanged it. I'm kind of glad though as the windows that we got were designed for a "drop-in" replacement instead of a regular replacement. The replacement windows that I should have gotten have a flange around the entire window which is what I needed. So, this Saturday Tony and I will make another trip to Lowe's to return these windows and order some other ones that will work.

It gets better
The highlight to all of this door not fitting, wrong windows, fridge done-n-gone broken, and Jayden doing a face plant is that Kim is on Jury duty for the week. That left me to stay home and take care of the kids yesterday and this morning. She'll have an updated entry of her own to explain how wonderful our judicial system really is.

It's okay now
I guess through all that has happened this week I'm just glad that everyone is mostly healthy (Josie had a cold Sunday and Yesterday, but is feeling better today) and no more things are breaking (hopefully). Thank goodness for Lowe's interest free for a year get out of jail card. haha

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Painting with No Kids

Staging setup for painting the front of our house.This last weekend was a little different than most (finally, something different than usual) :). Kim and I took the kids and met up with their Grandpa and Grandma Wagner on Friday evening so that G'pa and G'ma could watch them for us. We then had the whole weekend to paint and clean. What a difference it makes in getting things done when you don't have a 2 year old at your legs or a 2 month old to hold on to. :) We managed to get all that we could get painted without having to move the staging on Saturday. Thanks to Kim's Mom and Dad for taking care of the kids and thanks to my Mom and Dad for coming down Labor Day weekend to help paint and watch the kids.

Sunday, we decided it was time to clean the carpets so we rented a Rug Doctor from Wal-mart. Man, what a difference it made. Looking at the dirty water wasn't a pleasant feeling as it was much less than clean! I'm almost ashamed we let the kids lay/play on it. haha

It was nice to be able to be just a couple again for a short time. Kim and I went to Jordan Creek Mall to do some walking around and I ended up getting a ton of shirts for cheap at Dillard's on Saturday. First time I've actually even gone in the store. Unfortunately, Kim didn't find anything that she liked. :( Then we went to Merle Hay Mall on Sunday.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Big 2

Well, it finally happened. Jayden turned 2 on Tuesday. Boy how time has flown. He thinks he's such a big boy now! Over the weekend we had Jayden's birthday party. He had a good time and was wore out by the days end. He was spoiled rotten with toys, toys and more toys. Because Jayden is always so excited about play kitchens, we decided to get him one of his own. Along with it, he received a lot of play food and accessories. He loves it to pieces and is ready to cook you up a meal when you come over. He doesn't know yet that metal can't go in the microwave! I think he takes after his dad because his mom is no Betty Crocker.

We decided to have something different for his birthday party this weekend. Most parents would probably get a clown or go some place cool, but we decided to have some fun with Pop and candy. You can watch the Mentos and Diet Coke video on YouTube. I think Jayden had more fun with that than he would have with a clown. haha (Or maybe it's his parents and family that had more fun). Here are some pictures as well of the Mentos & Diet Coke fun.

On Jayden's B-day, we took him to the Blank Park Zoo (Pictures). Although, it's not quite like the Omaha Zoo, we still had a good time. He got to feed the goats and watch his dad get attacked by them. Probably his favorite thing was riding the train. He LOVES trains right now. Especially Thomas the Tank Engine.

We took the plunge and got Jayden and Josie's pictures taken last Friday. It was a challenge but we managed to get a few cute poses. Some of you will be receiving copies in the mail, but you can look at them on line soon. We've started the fun process of painting the outside of the house. We are leaving it white but changing the trim to a reddish/burgundy/cranberry color. Right now it's a little bright. We hope it darkens a bit when we put another coat on. We are at least getting the front done, and then we'll worry about the rest next spring/summer.

Josie is growing like a weed and changes everyday I swear. Jayden has started to pester her a bit more, but really could care less about her. Hopefully someday he'll stick up for her!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Hot Hot Hot!

Man, has it been hot. This weekend we decided to go to Creston to visit Kim's family. They were all camping out at Green Valley State Park. It was hot as anywhere else in the state. We were able to go to Kim's parents place to sleep at night so that made it a little more bearable. Thankfully there was a slight breeze on Sunday to help us out. It's hard to imagine what it would have been like 50+ years ago without any air conditioning.

Josie-2 Weeks OldJosie's growing everyday and eats non-stop. I don't remember Jayden ever eating that much, but I'm sure he did. Depending on the light you can see more blondish tint to Josie's hair. She seems to be more active than Jayden was as she likes to lift her head when you rest her on your shoulder and she also enjoys tummy time more. Who knows maybe we'll have a crawler at 9 months instead of the 18 with Jayden. :)

Cool JaydenJayden's loving life and we're enjoying watching him. Yes, he does on the occasion have a "terrible two" moment, but for the most part he's (we're) handling it pretty well. He's starting to get clearer on saying certain words. His favorite is probably peeezzzz (please). Hopefully he'll continue to be well mannered. hehe

Black and White

Well, here I am again. The good thing with wordpress is that you get to change whatever you want to make your site look different. You'll also notice another change to the gallery link. It now pulls my flickr pictures and creates the albums from my site. It makes use of a pretty cool wordpress plug-in called falbum and the nifty flickr api. The reasons I'm using the plug-in are two fold. One, to see how search results change. I like flickr, but search results don't always show the true meaning of the picture in google. The next reason is because Pioneer's filtering software blocks all of flickr so I wanted a work around.

I've also been doing a kind of social experiment at work. We use a multitude of chat clients and such and decided to try and live without the main one used by our "little" group, namely, IRC. I decided to do it in part because sometimes the conversations get a little heated. Communication in a chat program is entirely different than that of person-to-person. You don't really get the true feeling of a conversation (missing body language and the vibe that you get from talking with someone in person). It's understandable why parents are worried about their kids being bullied from online sources. So, without the IRC client going, it's been rather quiet. It's hard to believe how much a person can get tied to modern technology (although IRC has been around for quite a while). Yeah, I could just go 5 steps and talk to the rest of my co-workers, but seems like social experiences are different these days. People don't talk one-on-one like they used to, or at least it seems that way. Without IRC, I can be working and not even talk to my co-workers all day. I may have to go back and join the IRC chat. I feel alienated from the rest of the gang.

Anyway, enjoy the new look and hopefully you won't find too many things broken.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Back to Work

Well, it's sure been nice having off a week after Josie was born, but I had to go back to work today. Jayden was pretty sad about the whole thing. In fact, he even had to call his Dad at work to say hi and tell me that he missed me. Or, at least I think that's what he was talking about. haha.

Josie is getting along nicely in her big new world. She actually is sleeping through most of the night and gets up around 4:30-5:00 in the morning to get her bottle. I sure hope she continues to do that as it's better for her Mom and Dad. :) It's amazing to see how fast they grow. After a week, she's already starting to fill out in her face.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pleased to meet you, Josie Marie

Josie Marie Minnis was born on June 21, 2006 at 6:05 PM after nine hours of labor. She was 6 lbs. 8oz and 19 1/2 inches long. Her birth was quite a different experience than with Jayden as she didn't have any issues with meconium. Kim also had an easier time with Josie. She only had to push two times (one time was only to see if she was ready). This morning we changed Josie's first diaper. Man, talk about a load. haha. We had to change everything. :) Kim and I tried to sleep last night, but the bed she had and the "chair" bed that I had were not the same as a real bed. Hopefully we can get some naps today and sleep tonight. Both Mom and Josie are doing great and are hopefully sleeping right now. I'm going to sleep now. What a wonderful birthday it has been (except for spending it in the hospital)! :)

Pictures can be seen in the photo set, Birth and Prebirth.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Can't Sit Still

Let's see. Where to begin? Life has been busy. Kim's Mom, Pat, had surgery on her shoulder as a result of someone not cleaning up spilled water in the hall at the hospital she works at. We went down over the weekend (May 25-27th) to visit Kim's Mom and Dad and make sure that Pat wasn't doing anything she shouldn't. :) Then we headed back home to have some fun for the rest of Memorial weekend. We took Jayden out to Big Creek State Park so he could play in the sand and water. We took Jayden to the splash park when it was in the upper 80s a week ago or so and he didn't seem to like the water much. Instead, he liked to play in the grass and follow the fence around. Not sure what that's all about.

In spite of Jayden graduating to his "big boy chair" and gaining another 2 pounds (not much, but at least he's holding steady), he's managed to gain his terrible twos attitude a bit early. This past weekend we went up to Hope and Mike's wedding in Emmetsburg, IA. The wedding was short and sweet, but Jayden thought he should make a big deal out of it and wasn't the quiet little boy he usually is. So, I spent half of the wedding in the atrium of the church with Jayden. Next we went to the reception for about a half an hour. Jayden proceeded to want to run around. Kim and I decided we'd just leave early and head back to Rockwell City to visit with her brothers. I guess the lesson in all this is that I don't think we will be able to take Jayden to another wedding anytime soon. I don't blame him any, he's almost 2 and he had been riding in the car for about 2.5 hours.

Kim did okay on the long trip, but I think she's paying for it now. She (and I) can't wait to have the baby! We're not all that excited about the birthing process or the sleepless nights, but more for the comfort of Kim and getting back to normal.

So, yeah, that's almost all that's happened within the last month.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Lucky in the Wal-mart Parking Lot

Haha, catchy title huh? Last week after shopping at our Ankeny Wal-mart we were driving up the parking lot to leave and I saw some green stuff on the road so I pulled up by it and had Kim get it. Sure enough it was a dollar. Wow, we thought this is cool Kim will be able to get a dewski. Well, we continued up the lane and we couldn't believe it. We found another 4 dollars. haha. It was probably a funny thing to see us running around the parking lot picking up money. But, hey, I'm sure you'd do the same if you had the opportunity. Saturday night we went to Wal-mart again to get some food for when Kim's brother came to town. While there Kim was pushing the shopping cart and on a "blind" intersection (most intersections are blind corners in Wal-mart) this man in his 60s comes powering down the aisle. Kim stopped to see if anyone was coming and he almost ran into her. He proceeded to stare Kim down and if he could shoot flames from his eyes she would have been toast. We were all saying something to the extent of "What's your problem" to the guy. Needless to say we made it out alive. I really do hate shopping at Wal-mart. I always feel pissed off whenever I go there. I told Kim they should take your heart rate before and after visiting. I'm sure mine would indicate a heart attach coming on. Stupid cheap.

With this small fortune that we found at Wal-mart, we went to some garage sales with Kim's parents this weekend. I managed to find a computer for a dollar. It's not much of a computer but I thought I'd play around with it. Jayden was all excited he got to ride in Grandma's Avalanche. We'd ask him if he wanted to ride in the car, but he'd shake his head and say in his little voice, "No."

Baby number two is making Kim's life miserable. It seems that it's already started to drop some as Kim was feeling less then great over the weekend. Hopefully it stays in the oven at least another 2-4 weeks so it's not born too early.

Oh yeah, and I still have a job and haven't been "re-assigned". Hopefully it'll continue that way. We'll all find out more after another meeting this morning.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Next Stage

Okay, so it's been a month since you've last heard from me. Yeah, it's been pretty busy. A lot of time has been spent chasing after Jayden. I'm not complaining though as it's so nice to have him mobile now. He likes to help out with about anything if you let him. We put together his dresser that we got at IKEA a while back and he was right in there trying to help out. We (thanks Grandma Wagner for your help) repainted the "guest" room, which is now his, and moved his new twin bed into it. He had no problem transitioning into his twin bed and so far (knock on wood) hasn't even fallen out of it. The first week that we moved him in he was busy trying to take all the stuffed animals from his old room to his new one.

Works been going good. I've been good and busy, but it's been hard to concentrate and do the whole "work smarter, not harder" because of some events that might be happening next week. I had a whole bit written about it, but decided to not include it in fear of getting in trouble for it. So, you'll have to wait till after next week to see what might or might not have happened.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mustache Party

This weekend has been pretty quiet. It's been a while since we've just stayed around Ankeny and did very little. Friday I had off from work. It appears that Pioneer is becoming more of government than a business as we get the third Friday off in March now instead of Good Friday. Not sure what that's all about. Oh well, at least they still give us time off.

Anyway, on to the fun stuff. I think it was the week of February 6th, 2006 that I started to grow a goatee to get ready for Broox's mustache party that he had on March 17th. Lucky for me that my hair is leaving the top of my head so I could win the entry for longest/most hair for a mustache. Here's a picture of me starting out. I think it's with maybe a week's worth of growing. Here's a picture with my full goatee and finally, a picture with the mustache and "handle bars". haha. The party was a blast and I'm glad that I got to go. Saturday I had to shave it off. Not because Kim wanted me (she hated the facial hair), but because it was annoying to have. The initial itching was done, but I just hated it being around my mouth. It was weird shaving it off as I felt like I was naked. Even just shaving off the middle of the goatee made my chin feel cold, but now that it's all gone, I really feel the difference. I can actually feel the wind hitting my chin. haha. Oh yeah. And the Gillette Fusion that I won at the party works awesome!

Here's the full set of pictures for the mustache party. Thanks for the good time Broox!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Walking at 18 months!

Jayden on the move. We can now breath a sigh of relief. Jayden is now walking on his a certain degree. He won't get up from sitting without grabbing on to something, but once he's standing up, he can walk on his own if he decides to. He's done with physical therapy for now but will be getting some shoe inserts to see if we can correct his ankle from turning in. He had his 18 month doctor visit with the a different pediatrician on Wednesday. We're glad we switched doctors for him. The new doc is much better and takes the time to listen and actually hears what we're telling him. Jayden's now starting to say a few more words: Car, meaow, truck, yuck (pronounced ggaayh and also refers to the trash can), Dada, Mamma (when mad), done and maybe a few more that I can't remember.

Let's see what else...oh yeah. Work's been okay. I now have an appreciation of why corporations don't perform. I can't complain on my end, but it sucks that the only way management sees groups better interacting is to split up people between two groups to "make" everyone get along. Pretty stupid way of trying to increase productivity if you ask me. Oh well, I guess I have a job yet.

Baby number two is coming along nicely. Kim seems to be not as tired as she was first starting out. She usually makes it till 10 instead of the normal 9:00. haha.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Skulls & Bones...Run!

Today Kim had an ultrasound for Baby #2. It was just as cool as it was with Jayden to see all the pieces and parts of Baby #2. I'm sure that all babies look the same when they're inside. Take for example, picture 1 (Baby #2) and picture 2 (Jayden). They both look like aliens. At any rate, everything's looking normal and we are quite pleased.

Another cool thing happened Sunday. Jayden finally took his own steps to and from Kim and me. We couldn't be any more pleased. :)

Jayden walking by himself Jayden walking by himself

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sleep is gooood.

Well, yeah. What can I say, welcome back. It's been a while. Seems like not much has happened since my last writing. The new year has worn off and all that jazz. But, in reality there has been quite a bit that's taken place. No, Jayden's still not walking on his own, but he's a lot closer. He's walking around the ottoman with a 3-4 inch safety zone just in case he needs to grab hold of it. He does have an occasional sprint from one of us to the couch. He stands on top of the love seat with us by himself and thinks he's big stuff. He likes to get into things...pots and pans and shoes.

Monday he had fever and woke up at least ever hour on the hour that night and then Tuesday night he was up even more. Needless-to-say, Kim and I appreciate a good night's sleep and are happy that he's better. We think part of it is because of some new teeth coming in.

Jayden's saying a few words now. He has always liked saying, "Done" when he or someone else finishes something. He's saying car some and after watching Saturday morning cartoons, does an occasional, "Arrggh," in a pirate context. He shakes his head when he means yes and sometimes when he means no. We hope he keeps that up. :)

Baby #2 is coming along nicely. Kim filled me in yesterday that she's now able to feel it move, so tonight I got to feel it kicking. Next Tuesday we get to go in for the first ultrasound. Wonder what it's going to be...a boy or a girl? Hmmm. Oh the suspense.

Well, time to grab that sleep.