Monday, October 31, 2005

Race'n Jayden

Race'n Jayden This year was pretty fun for Halloween. Jayden got to wear his racing costume and rode his "bike" around to get his treats. His favorite part was getting back home and eating his cheetos (Thanks Nehru and Karisa). He also is a big fan of twizzlers. Another food item that he all of a sudden started eating is bananas. The last time we shopping for food we decided to pick him up some bananas, but we should have picked them up at the end, because he thought he wanted to eat one in the store. It took a while to get him to forget they were in the shopping cart. :)

Monday, October 17, 2005

The Great Pumpkin

This weekend was a fun time of playing out on the farm in search of the great pumpkin. We managed to find the pumkin patch we were looking for near Cumming, IA at the Howell's Farm. Jayden found the perfect pumpkin for himself and picked one out for us too. I think it will become a tradition to go and visit Howell's each year. They offer a lot of cool things for kids to do.

Our garbage disposal took a dump on us, no pun intended, this weekend. So, Jayden helped me out in getting the new one ready to go.

You may also have noticed that the above picture links are all pointing to I decided to go the faster route in getting a better gallery going by utilizing flickr. They really do have a cool thing going and it's easy to manage all our photos. So, check out all of our pictures at

Friday, October 07, 2005

Trade Offs

Well, you saw it here first. Kim decided that she ain't a "Minivan Girl" so we decided to trade off the minivan and got a Pontiac Vibe. It's a pretty fun car to drive and is cheaper to drive than the van ever was (hopefully 35 mpg). We purchased it from Bob Brown GMC in Ankeny (Jamie Widen was our sales person). We were very happy with the way they treated us. Unlike Ramsey, they actually wanted our business.

Jayden's been learning like mad. He's now pulling his phone around by the cord like it was his once lost puppy. He's pushed through 2 more teeth this last weekend. He's cruising furniture now. He loves popcorn, but won't eat very many food groups. He can clap, do the "so big" move, dance a little (sitting of course) and has just started noticing his hair. We went for his physical therapy session yesterday, but the therapist called in sick and they forgot to call us. :( So, we'll continue to have Jayden kneel on and push his little cart. He also enjoys bouncing on the yoga ball we got to help him do his exercises.