Monday, April 12, 2004

Time passes

Not much new has been happening, but I thought I'd try and remember tidbits from last week. This past weekend Kim and I went to my parents home for Easter. It's been the first time home since my Dad sold the milk cows. He's taking it pretty well. Although, he still gets up every morning at 5:30. It was nice to be able to spend more time with him as in the past he was always out doing chores...until night time. We got to see some new baby calves while we were up there. Kim wanted to see one being born, but we didn't get to see that (plus, I think she would have probably been grossed out anyway).

Last Friday we went in for our monthly Dr. visit and everything was in good shape. So, that was good news. A funny thing happened when the midwife was listening to the heart beat of the baby. When she put the microphone with some cold gel on Kim's belly, the baby kicked at it. Even made the midwife jump. :)


derek said...

wtf is a midwife?

nick said...

a midwife is what you get when you are tired of your original wife...spices things up, if you know what i mean