Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Painting with No Kids

Staging setup for painting the front of our house.This last weekend was a little different than most (finally, something different than usual) :). Kim and I took the kids and met up with their Grandpa and Grandma Wagner on Friday evening so that G'pa and G'ma could watch them for us. We then had the whole weekend to paint and clean. What a difference it makes in getting things done when you don't have a 2 year old at your legs or a 2 month old to hold on to. :) We managed to get all that we could get painted without having to move the staging on Saturday. Thanks to Kim's Mom and Dad for taking care of the kids and thanks to my Mom and Dad for coming down Labor Day weekend to help paint and watch the kids.

Sunday, we decided it was time to clean the carpets so we rented a Rug Doctor from Wal-mart. Man, what a difference it made. Looking at the dirty water wasn't a pleasant feeling as it was much less than clean! I'm almost ashamed we let the kids lay/play on it. haha

It was nice to be able to be just a couple again for a short time. Kim and I went to Jordan Creek Mall to do some walking around and I ended up getting a ton of shirts for cheap at Dillard's on Saturday. First time I've actually even gone in the store. Unfortunately, Kim didn't find anything that she liked. :( Then we went to Merle Hay Mall on Sunday.

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Derek Pine said...

The house is looking dope. I like the red. I managed to get our deck done. It sort of surprised me how long it took to get a 5'x8' deck put together.