Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The Miracle of Life

Today Kim and I went in for our second doctor visit for our little one on the way. It was pretty cool because we got to hear the heart beating today. We could hear Kim's heart in the background while the baby's was louder and faster. It's pretty cool to be able to hear it...much less see it as in the last visit. :) It's hard to believe that someone would kill a living being.

So it looks like spring is on the way. I can live with 20-30 degree weather. With the warm also comes the melting. It's kind of fun to drive along and see houses that have huge ice hanging from them...clearly indicating that they need more insulation. Heck, if I had an insulating business, I'd be driving up and down the streets getting business. But, I don't so, I'll just stick to my computer stuff.


Elmo said...

Hearing the heartbeat was the best reason to always go along to the OB visits with my wife. That is SO cool.

me said...

Yeah, I'm glad that I'm going to the visits too. The first time was the best...actually seeing the little guy/girl.