Thursday, May 13, 2004

Chad's Last Day

So, today is Chad Kraus's last day at Pioneer. He's going to join up with his Dad's family business (Dairy Queen). We decided yesterday to give him one last hurrah before today so we filled his cube with some moving stuff to help him out. Here're some pictures of the results. His desk is usually the most organized of those I work with. We'll miss ya, Chad. Good luck and stop in and see us sometime when you're in town.


Kraus said...

I'm gonna miss you guys! Thanks for all the fun times.

r00 said...

I am gonna miss explaining the dev to qa to prod migration to you...sniff...sniff...

Larry Eustachy said...


We had some great times. Thanks for letting me razz your ass.

nick said...

I'm gonna miss the HTML questions...and for the record, I did not give him one last hurrah, or one first hurrah for that matter...

derek said...

yes chad. and i'd like to thank YOU for all the razzing you did to MY ass. i like it when you spell bad.
...and when you retire from IRC.

derek said...

Kraus Dictionary
Breaks: Brakes
budwieser: budweiser
Cano: Kano
Chords: Cords
Donar: Donor
Dumbster: Dumpster
eatting: eating
gotee: goatee
hippa: hipaa
incinduating: insinuating
list: lisp
masage: massage
masoose: masseuse
mellon: melon
pickels: pickles
pirhana: piranha
read: red
rhythm: rythm
shilack: ???
sillhuette: silhouette
souly: solely
spazing: spazzing
suite: suit
tosing: losing

cedric said...

shilack = shellac = teh best band evar!

Kraus said...

For the record, I would like to say that I know who has been prank calling me at work. It took some detective work, but I found out. It is my hope that Derek will also discover the truth someday. That will be a "Historic Day"...

Miami, Florida said...

Hope to see you soon...

pranker said...

dam!! my cover has been blown!! it was fun talking to chad!!! i am going to miss him---even though i never met him once.

Bill said...

Haha wow Chad they really liked you there, eh? Who would have guessed?!!!