Sunday, May 09, 2004

Fun Weekend and a Half

Well, it's been a very busy and fun weekend. Friday I took the day off to do some odds and ends around the house and built and sealed a picnic table. Friday night Kim's parents, niece and nephew came up to stay the night and then we all went to a bunch of garage sales around Ankeny on Saturday. We found a lot more baby clothes. Then in the afternoon I got 2 more sides of the deck sealed. This morning I applied a weed and feed mix for the lawn before we headed off to church. It was cool going to church today as I met one of my classmates from the ISU Iowa State Singers. Then this afternoon we drove to Creston to surprise Kim's Mom for Mother's Day. All of her brothers and sister were there. Her Mom and Dad were pleased and surprised to see us all there...mission accomplished.

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derek said...

some of my shirts are really small... you could have them.