Tuesday, September 14, 2004

2 Week Checkup

"Yesterday we took Jayden in for his 2 week checkup and everything looks okay. He gained his birth weight back and then some as he now weighs in at 8 lbs. He also grew an inch so he now is 20 1/2 inches long. We've been fortunate as he's been waking up 2 times a night (around 1:30 AM and again around 4-5) for his snack time. We've also found out his whiny time is between 8:00 and 9:30, give or take a an hour.

Sunday we had a Baby Shower for him with a lot of Kim's family there and some of her friends. Jayden like all his presents and can't wait to start playing with everything. He was pretty tired after it after being ""groped"" by all the ladies. LOL We took some more pictures and they can be found in the Week 2 gallery. One of the pictures that I took was his hand around my finger. Amazing is all I can say.

Saturday, Jayden was all dressed up in his Cyclone uniform so he could help support ISU as they attempted another success over Iowa. Unfortunately, his cheering didn't help with a win."


r00 said...

Wow...Jayden has some fresh ISU gear

The mom said...

I just think this is a cute little bugger. He is just real spiff in his Ia State get up.

derek said...

does he understand that iowa beat isu again?