Friday, September 03, 2004

Five Days Old

Well, we've had little Jayden home for 3 1/2 days now and he's almost 5 days old. We've had to treat some jaundice with a bili-blanket. We had to take him to the Doctor on Wednesday and yesterday and his levels were back down so we didn't have to use the blanket last night. He's been sleeping rather well except for the start of last night we were trying to put him to bed and he just kept fussing and appeared to be hungry yet, but wouldn't eat. We switched to the formula that we got because the hospital supplied stock ran out. That may also have been a contributing factor to his unpleasantness at the time. Kim thought maybe we do need to try the pacifier, even though we don't want him hooked on it. It turns out that's all the little guy needed and he fell asleep. He slept until 4:30 this morning so we got up and fed him. Then after feeding he went to sleep while sucking on his pacifier.

Yesterday and the day before Kim and Grandma Wagner went shopping for some boy baby clothes at a couple of the consignment stores that we often frequent. They bought quite a few clothes some of which even had the price tag on. Kim had saved the cash that we got from our early summer garage sale specifically for baby Jayden. She had a ball. :)

Kim's doing very well considering what she went through. She's healing up and is continuing to be active. (Notice that I said continues...she never really became inactive even after giving birth.)


Elmo said...

You need to go to that Mommy and Me store up by Flowerama, they have a bunch of good stuff.

me said...

Yeah, we have gone to that store a lot too. They have a lot of good stuff there.

nick said...

haha, two guys talking about going to the Mommy and Me store :(

Harper said...

that store really made me feel special.