Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Vacation Rules

Last week I took PTO from work. It was nice to be able to stay home and get some stuff done around the house. Kim and I painted our bedroom and bathroom on Monday. It looks pretty cool now. At least the bathroom isn't yellow. I cleaned the deck on Tuesday and then on Wednesday treated it. Now, the water beads up like it's supposed to. Thursday Jerilyon baby sat Jayden while Kim and I went on our hot date during the day. We went to Walmart and got our photograph taken. haha :) Then Friday we departed for Twin Lakes to go camping with Kim's family. We had a good time and Jayden actually slept pretty well. He only woke up once during the night on Friday night, but went right back to sleep after we gave him some juice.

Jayden's been doing pretty good. We think he's working on some more teeth as he's been biting everything in site, as well as, drooling all the time. I added some more pictures to his nine-month gallery, some of which were us camping and him not liking to swim. He's started this new thing where if he doesn't want to eat something he'll make two fists and lift his arms while squeezing the food out of his mouth. It's really quite comical to see, but frustrating at the same time. Lately, he's been so fussy that he'll only eat cereal, bread with jam on it, his dried fruit bits, juice and milk. Oh well, we'll keep trying.

Oh, and today I turned a year younger. hehe :)

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