Thursday, July 28, 2005

First Day of Work

Yesterday I finally got to move to the Shull building where was located on my first day of work at Pioneer. Talk about déjà vu. I'm one cube east of where I was. I and 4 other co-workers were separated from the rest of our group for about a month. Weird. I wonder if they have a Moving 101 class that the Corporate Services could go to. At any rate, there are some things that suck about the Shull building. The fridge is smaller than the one in Emerson. The network keeps disconnecting everything and seems slower. Shull has NO WINDOWS as seen from my view from my desk. (Kind of looks like a prison cell). Here's where I used to be with a window view. The bathrooms are smaller and kind of smell like those in Merle Hay Mall. There are good thing about moving to shull. We're somewhat closer to the rest of our group. I have high cube walls, so it's kind of like a "mini-manager's" office. haha And, I no longer have to listen to this really loud lady that is still up on Emerson. Oh yeah, and probably the most important good thing, I still have my job that I love.

On to other news...well...not a lot has happened, other than Jayden getting bigger and learining how to do things more. He's now learned how to scoot on his butt to get around. He's given up on crawling, as we too have done. He loves to grab our fingers and walk around. We went up north to vist the Farm and my side of the family last weekend. That was pretty fun. Jayden loves the baby calves and kittens. And likes to sit on the tractor with Dad and Grandpa. Jayden's still as picky as ever on what he eats. He hates to eat "wet things" and seems to only eat certain kinds of food...bread with jelly, his dried fruit, cereal, chicken sticks, a couple of kinds of pudding and his most loved food, Milk.

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